Toad in a Blender is the official food blog of Tipsy Toad Grove Farm. We are Sue Earle and Troy Turple and we run a small sustainable farm that produces spray-free veggies, meats, maple syrup, and other yummy things. As the farm’s main shit shovellers, bug squishers, weed haulers and escapegoat chasers we know the value of good food, and do our best to minimize food waste. We love to cook creative and delicious things inspired by what we grow, raise, forage, and find lurking at the back of the fridge. We grow, cook, and eat like our lives depend on it (and to some extent, they do!) Follow along for recipes, foodie insights, and ways to utilize weird veggies, leftovers and other things that cause excessive droolery.

Food is everything we are.

-Anthony Bourdain